Unplanned pregnancies often lead to abortion.  Women are told that once the procedure is over, they’ll never have to think about it again. However, hundreds of thousands, after realizing the magnitude of the choice they’ve exercised, end up on a treadmill of depression, addiction, and self-destructive behavior. For them, abortion is not a political issue, but a deep, overwhelming wound of their past that, although deeply buried, continues to haunt and torment them.

It’s not enough for Christians to declare that abortion is murder.  We must minister to those walking wounded, whose lives have been emotionally, physically and spiritually shattered.  Emmaus Christian Fellowship’s Post Abortion Outreach connects these walking wounded with counseling ministries that exist to help women deal with the guilt and shame that are at the root of many self-defeating and self-destructive behaviors.

The Road that Takes Me Home is a CD compilation of original songs that shares the clear message of the Gospel.  ECF is making this recording available to pregnancy centers around the country to help them promote their post-abortion counseling services. These CDs will be placed in locations where women can obtain them in a non-threatening, private fashion at no charge.  It is our hope that the message of the music will open women’s hearts to the help that is just a call or email away. Inside the packaging they will find information about the post-abortion services of their local center.

Won’t you partner with us to serve these women?  Your tax-deductible gift will provide these CDs to pregnancy centers around the country to minister to women who continue to suffer in silence.