Presenting the Gospel through Music

This 5-song CD, The Road That Takes Me Home, totaling less than 20 minutes of music, serves as a clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The lyrics, arrangements, and vocals are geared to believer and non-believer alike.

Emmaus Christian Fellowship took on this project to provide a tool for individuals and groups to use to present the Good News of Jesus Christ in a high quality, engaging fashion.  Whereas the initial idea was motivated by a desire to help pregnancy centers reach post-abortive women, this music has widespread applicability to the human condition in general, as it takes listeners from the hopelessness all face apart from Christ (Lamentation), through the stages of repentance and faith (Sinner, Repent & Believe), to remaining on the path that leads to life (The Road that Takes Me Home), and, finally, looking forward to the believer’s union with Christ for eternity (Worthy the Lamb), and living with that blessed hope (The Day Will  Come).

The message of the CD is timely and sows the seeds that groups and individuals can use to reach a culture that is desperately in need of Christ and His Word.  Ministerial efforts to veterans, the homeless, college students, recovering addicts, the incarcerated, to name just a few, can all be enhanced by the penetrating message of The Road That Takes Me Home.

Contact us to find out how you can make use of this resource.